If your brand has reached the enterprise level, the chances are that the current Ecommerce platforms are no longer enough. Now you need an enterprise Ecommerce software. And you must select from the top enterprise Ecommerce platforms out there. After conducting an Enterprise Ecommerce platform comparison, you are bound to come down to Shopify Plus and Big Commerce.

This is because both Big Commerce and Shopify are two of the best and most popular enterprise-level solutions out there. While Big Commerce is the platform behind brands like Ford and Skullcandy, Shopify Plus has its fair share of big brands under its name including Gymshark.

Are you facing the dilemma of selecting between Big commerce vs Shopify? Well, here is an Enterprise Ecommerce Comparison between the two on scalability which is essential for any enterprise to help you make the decision.


As your brand grows, you require a platform that can deliver support for your growing customer base. Unlike small businesses, Enterprise-level brands deal with larger volumes and more products. Therefore, you need a scalable platform to help expand your business. Among Shopify plus vs big commerce enterprise, Shopify is undoubtedly more scalable than Big Commerce. Currently, it allows you to sell your products in over 175 countries. Overall, the platform has generated more than 60 billion dollars via sales while Big Commerce only generated 9 billion dollars and currently sells in 150 countries.

The response of the storefront

One of the essential factors of scalability is whether or not your given platform has the strength to cope up with increasing traffic to your store. Let’s say you host a big sale day on your store. The spike in traffic can lead to your website slowing down. This will occur if your platform is not scalable. And if it does occur, know that customers won’t wait. They will abandon your site.

Shopify’s storefront response is much better than Big Commerce’s. While its response time witnessed a boast of 45 milliseconds, Big Commerce’s response time stood at 179 milliseconds. While you might not think this difference is much, for customers, it can make or break a store experience.

Integration tools and apps

Effective integration is a necessity of scalable platforms. Shopify Plus offers more than 1000 apps. These automation tools ensure that you don’t have to spend time doing redundant tasks manually. Big Commerce also offers such apps, but its portfolio is severely limited.


In terms of scalability, Shopify Plus wins.

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