Globally there are hundreds of enterprise ecommerce platforms out there. The features that one enterprise ecommerce software holds might differ from the others due to varying functionalities, target markets, level of complexity, and pricing structure. Among top enterprise ecommerce platforms, BigCommerce and Shopify are two leading names.

When it comes to online owners, they want a platform that’s simple and easy-to-use like Shopify. This is why they conduct enterprise ecommerce platforms comparison. Among all comparisons, Shopify plus vs. BigCommerce enterprise has become a frequent enterprise ecommerce comparison.


Both ecommerce platforms has myriad of features and functionalities for you. In actual, there’s not much difference among the features provided by both giants. Both of these top enterprise ecommerce platforms are aware to what’s going on in the market and do their best to integrate every latest feature. Being that said, Shopify is more suitable if you want multilingual setups.  BigCommerce, on the other hand, boasts about its multilayered hosting security.

Design and user experience

Not only you want your store to work well behind the curtains, but also want it to look appealing on the front-end. Owing to this, you might want to compare BigCommerce vs. Shopify plus on basis of store design options.

Shopify never disappoint their users. In fact, it offers more than 100 ecommerce themes and designs, both free and paid. Plus, store owners can get the right theme for their specific niche store. With more focus on UX, working on Shopify is quite easy to understand even for a beginner.

On the contrary, BigCommerce has some unique approach to its interface. It has its good side and a bad one. Adding any product is a bit cumbersome process as compared to Shopify, but this functionality works well for those who wish for customization.


Apart from out-of-the-box features, Shopify and BigCommerce allow you to add extensions on your online store. Shopify’s app store contains over 500 apps. These apps enable store owners to add any feature they want to. From optimizing SEO to social media integration, there are extensions for almost every function.

When it comes to BigCommerce, you get a range of paid and free apps in a catalog.


As expected, there’s no wrong choice between Shopify vs. BigCommerce equation. However, if you need something beginner friendly, then Shopify is your option. And, if you are someone who prefers to customize your store as per you want, then BigCommerce might be your right choice.

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