Everyone wishes to ensure that their business acquires great heights. They attempt to make sure that every decision they make will steer their business in the right direction.

These days, everyone is trying to cash in on the popularity of ecommerce. Thus, the internet is flooded with online stores. If you want to survive in this competition and not fade into oblivion, you will need to be cautious. Make sure that every aspect of your business is given adequate attention.

One decision that you will need to make quite early on is the Enterprise ecommerce software you want to use. There is no shortage of options and thus making the enterprise ecommerce platform comparison can be confusing. Two of the top enterprise ecommerce platforms include Shopify Plus and Big Commerce.

Let us make things easier for you in this confusion of Big Commerce vs. Shopify Plus by comparing what each has to offer.

The benefits of Shopify plus

Shopify Plus is indeed one of the most popular ecommerce platforms available. Its user-friendly interface has paid a significant contribution to this popularity. This platform is quite easy to use and thus can even be managed by beginners.

It offers a variety of sales features that you can use to give your business a boost.

There is little chance of missing anything out as you get the opportunity to manage everything from a single source. The platform offers support to multi-channel settings on multiple platforms. Thus, you can use Shopify to extend your business on platforms like Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram with ease.

Benefits of Big Commerce

The most significant advantage that Big Commerce has to offer is the built-in features it is equipped with. The vast variety of integrated features ensures that all the requirements that big business might have are fulfilled.

Multi-channel selling is supported thus ensuring that you can expand your business efficiently.

The SEO settings that platform offers ensure that your search engine rankings are boosted which increases the visibility of your brand.

Which one to opt for?

The comparison of Shopify plus vs. big commerce enterprise is confusing. While both are quite appealing options, which one is suitable for you depends on your preference.

Beginners will find Shopify to be a better option owing to its user-friendly interface. A big business with ample expansion scope will be more satisfied with Big Commerce.

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